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Community Relations

Many upper-class Marist students choose to live off-campus. They most often find homes to rent in the Fairview area, a residential, suburban community in the Town of Poughkeepsie. At Hudson Valley Off-Campus Housing, we strive to give our student-tenants safe and comfortable homes in which they can enjoy their off-campus housing experience. We also encourage students to be considerate of their neighbors in the community so that all residents can share in the quiet enjoyment of their homes. Some families living in this area have young children and some may be elderly or homebound for health reasons; other neighbors may work from home or have to wake up early to leave for work. Whatever the reasons, students should be mindful of their neighbors and make an effort to live harmoniously with them. We recommend that students foster a good relationship with their neighbors. Here are some of the ways to that happen:

  1. Get to know your neighbors and share contact phone numbers. Say "hello" and introduce yourself to your neighbors shortly after you move in. This is probably the single most important thing you can do to ensure a good relationship. If you have a good relationship with your neighbors and they can contact you, they will be more likely to call you if there is a disturbance (like a noise complaint) before they call the police.
  2. Tips if you're planning a large get-together or party:
    1. Give your nearby neighbors a few days' notice. This two or three day alert before the party prepares your neighbors and may help put them at ease.
    2. Put someone in charge of monitoring noise so that your gathering doesn't attract too much attention.
    3. Make sure that your guests do not walk through your neighbor's property.
    4. Remind your guests to mind their manners as they leave the party, asking them to refrain from loud exchanges, littering or urinating in public.
    5. Check around your property after the party. Make sure everything looks the way it did before the event and if you see any garbage, pick it up.
  3. Keep your property and yard in good order. Most of the area's residents care about the way their residences and yards look. They pick up litter if they see it and they park their cars in appropriate places (like on driveways). Maintain your house and your yard in a way that makes your house a nice fit with your neighborhood.

Also see Laws & Ordinances